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Healing Stories Diabetes
Healing Stories | 04 Jun 2024

Healing Stories: A Journey to Managing Diabetes

Diabetes impacts millions worldwide, but traditional allopathetic treatments often only address symptoms. Discover personalized care, lifestyle...
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Menopause Misery
Holistic Wellness | 01 Jun 2024

Am I Likely To Repeat My Mother’s Menopausal Misery?

Menopause marks a pivotal phase in a woman's life, yet it remains shrouded in misunderstanding and often goes undiscussed. Delve into why menopause...
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Walking Meditation
Yoga & Meditation | 25 May 2024

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation, also known as mindful walking, is an active practise that requires one to be consciously aware and moving in the environment as...
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Healing Stories Lipid Profile
Healing Stories | 07 May 2024

Healing Stories: Hormonal Instability and High Lipid Profile

Read about a transformative journey, following the narrative of a man in his early 50s who grappled with uncontrolled weight gain and elevated lipid...
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Wellness Rituals for Sleep
Self Care | 02 May 2024

Wellness Rituals for Sleep

Dive into this insightful piece to uncover practical tips from Ananda’s emotional healers, aimed at soothing your restless mind and nurturing your...
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Ayurvedic Diet To Balance Your Menstrual
Ayurveda | 09 Apr 2024

Ayurvedic Diet To Balance Your Menstrual Cycle

Read these tips to balance your menstrual cycle by incorporating changes based on Ayurveda into your diet.
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Holistic Treatment for Insomnia
Healing Stories | 04 Apr 2024

Healing Stories: Holistic Treatment for Insomnia

Delve into the profound experience of a woman's wellness journey at Ananda. Suffering from years of insomnia, she was able to improve her sleep...
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Meditation the Journey Within
Yoga & Meditation | 06 Mar 2024

Meditation- the Journey within

Why do people have such resistance to meditation? Read more on Ananda’s approach to building a meditation practice.
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Healing Stories Endometriosis
Healing Stories | 04 Mar 2024

Healing Stories: Endometriosis treated with Panchakarma

A “benign” condition that behaves in a malignant fashion, endometriosis is both widely misunderstood and underdiagnosed. Read the healing story of a...
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