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Yoga in Ananda Spa, luxury Hotel in The Himalayas


Yoga Consultation

Our experienced Yoga teachers are trained to listen to your personal objectives and goals during your stay at Ananda. They will then design a bespoke yoga and meditation program for you to assist you in the journey of life for a balanced and a harmonized self.

Hatha Yoga

In this Individualised Hatha Yoga session you will receive attention with dialogue and adjustments specifically tailored for your needs. Each posture has manual adjustments which will help you to understand the relationships between the muscle groups and body parts being engaged. To develop a deeper understanding of how your body engages in each posture, the instructor guides your awareness to specific areas to enhance your body’s natural intuition.

Gatyatmak Yoga

(A process to experience the vibrant self)

Gatyatmak yoga offers a challenge to intermediate and advanced levels of Yoga practitioners. The traditional Hatha yogic postures chosen in the session are dynamic in nature. The entire session revolves around two traditional dynamic sequences of postures known as Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) and Chandra Namaskara (Moon salutation). These two highly effective practices focus primarily on rhythm, dynamism and vitality of the body-mind system.

Kriya Yoga

(A process of unleashing psychic energy)

The very word Kriya means activity or movement, and in this context activity or movement of awareness or consciousness. Kriya yoga in relation to the Hatha yogic techniques such as asana (posture), Pranayama (breath-control), Mudras (yogic gestures), Bandhas (yogic energy locks) and various other yogic Shatkriyas (cleansing practices), unleashes and channelises the physical and more subtle psychic energies to attain the state of optimum health and spiritual awakening.


A stressful life-style has a profound effect on our breathing. In Pranayama the attention is on the breath. Pranayama literally means expansion of prana (Vitality). Various techniques of Pranayama rectify the faulty patterns of breathing. It removes the blockages from the subtle energy channels and enhances the level of vitality and relaxation.

Advanced Pranayama with Bandhas

(Energy Locks)

This is an advanced form of Pranayama which is done with the energy locks to vitalize the system of Body and Mind. Pranayama with Bandha becomes very intense practice. It activates and regulates the ‘life force’ or prana and helps one to attain and experience higher state of vibratory energy.

Ganga Aarati

The Ganga Aarti is a devotional ritual on the banks of the river Ganges at Rishikesh.
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Nature Walks & Treks

Experience the thrilling guided mountain treks with views of snow-capped Himalayan Mountains.
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