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White Water Rafting

Of all the rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the Ganga is perhaps the most beautiful. It originates from Gaumukh in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas and is a superb river for inflatable rafts. Rafting on its waters is an unusual experience and one to cherish. To ride these rapids and to come to terms with their strength and wildness is to grow in spirit and to nurture the very stuff that dreams are made of.


Does one need to be able to swim in order to go rafting?
Not necessary. The life jackets, equipment, and safety briefing by the experienced crew are more than adequate. However, should you be apprehensive of the big rapids, you can disembark onshore and guides will have you walk to the next point where you can climb aboard the raft again.

What are the age limits and health requirements for rafting?
Minimum age 14 years. However, there is no upper age limit as long as you are in reasonably good health. You will be required to sign a liability release prior to the trip. Guardians must sign on behalf of their children.

What is proper rafting attire?
A Life jacket and helmet are sufficient for rafting. During warm weather (Mar/Apr/Oct/ Nov), gear should consist of sneakers (strap up sandals/running shoes are adequate. Please do not go bare-foot), light clothes (preferably T-shirt and shorts), swimsuit, suntan lotion and other personal requisites. A fresh change of clothes and shoes should be handed over to the staff prior to the trip, who will set up a changing tent at the end of the expedition.

Is rafting safe? What can one expect on the trip?
The rapids of the Ganga are ideal for the first-time rafter, where you can expect to get completely soaked and have a lot of fun as well! The rapids are thrilling, yet safe. The guides are completely in command and will instruct you on basic paddling techniques and safety procedures. In certain sections where the current of the river is gentler, you may be encouraged to body surf. Refreshment centres have been set up en-route at ‘Diving Rock’, where the more adventurous can also take a plunge into the river.

What is the duration of the excursion?
5 hours. Including travel time + lunch

Pricing and rates
As the rates are subject to revisions, please check with Ananda for further information.


  Morning Session     
 Afternoon Session 
 Departure from Ananda    
 09.00 hrs    
 12.00 hrs
 Rafting Camp Timings     
 10.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs    
 13.00 hrs - 15.00 hrs   

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