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Vedanta Talks

Vedanta is derived from two words, veda – knowledge and anta – end. Vedanta therefore means the culmination of knowledge. It is the ancient Indian philosophy which answers the fundamental questions of life. Vedanta designs the pursuit of happiness through logical and systematic exposition of eternal truths. Founded on no individual, it is a system of knowledge discovered by pre-eminent seekers of Truth. The knowledge promotes material and spiritual well-being. Combines dynamic action with mental peace. It instills the higher values of service to provide prosperity and peace to the community. Above all, its philosophy leads one to the ultimate goal of self-realisation.


At Ananda, daily interactive talks are conducted by senior disciples of Swami Parthasarthy, internationally acclaimed exponent of Vedanta. For more information, contact the Spa Reception 

Swami Parthasarthy

“Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You need to learn and practice it as you would a game or musical instrument” – Swami Parthasarathy

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