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Tea Lounge
Tea Lounge
Tea Lounge
Tea Lounge

Palace Lounge

The Ananda Palace Lounge is a warm, romantic setting located in the Viceregal Palace. Our guests arrive here to check in and drink a rejuvenating ginger-lemon infusion while taking in d├ęcor from yesteryear. The walls are adorned with portraits of the erstwhile Maharaja and other dignitaries who visited Narendra Nagar during his reign, including a noteworthy portrait of Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India.

While the lounge quietly reflects the days of yore through its antique furniture and chandeliers, in the present guests can relax on the comfortable lounge sofas, admire the rich, brocaded tapestries, and unwind with a book or allow their minds to wander and contemplate.


Yoga at Ananda help you cultivate the discipline of yogic practices to recharge yourself.
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Viceregal Suite

Located in the Viceregal Palace, this suite comprises a sitting area, bedroom and a private terrace.
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