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Ananda’s wellness cuisine incorporates key principles from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which take into consideration not just taste but suitability for body types or doshas. Our cuisine is made up of fresh, natural foods low in fat and calories, with an emphasis on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, and the avoidance of added or artificial salts, colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Ananda’s wellness cuisine concept is demonstrated at our culinary studio, where our chefs instruct on how to make these dishes at home so that it is sustainable for our guests to continue their new way of life. Special menus are provided in consultation with the in-house Ayurvedic doctor to align the specific imbalances of the various body types.

From Ayurvedic menus for each body type or dosha, to detox and weight management diets, to fitness regimes and yogic menus, the culinary offering at Ananda is a nutritious, balancing, and healthy journey incorporating fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.
Fine Cuisine at Ananda Spa, luxury hotel in The Himalayas

Ananda Gourmet Cuisine

In Ayurveda, healing comes from within as much as it does from outside. Every meal is customised to suit the specific body type or dosha, aiming to target the imbalance of its specific characteristics in each individual.
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SachinSoni at Ananda Spa, luxury hotel in The Himalayas

The Restaurant

Built amidst a grove of Sal trees with a tree-top deck that overlooks the valley, our restaurant offers rejuvenating cuisine that is adapted to the finest Indian, Asian, and international menus.
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Tea Lounge at Ananda Spa, luxury hotel in The Himalayas

Palace Lounge

Located in the magnificent Viceregal Palace, adorned with portraits of the Maharaja and other dignitaries, this is a regal setting for quiet contemplation and relaxation.
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5 star Hotels with pool in The Himalayas. Ananda Spa

By The Pool

Savour a refreshing juice or shake under clear Himalayan skies, bask in the sun as you relax by an aquamarine pool, and indulge in a select menu of culinary delights.
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Private Dining in Ananda Spa, 5 star hotel in The Himalayas

Private Dining

Unique dining experiences are created in spectacular private venues across the palace estate by our expert chefs to make your special occasions even more magical.
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Ananda Spa

Personalised Assistance


Frequently Asked Questions

The restaurant is located close to the rooms and the spa and includes a tree top deck overlooking the valley
Snacks and light refreshments are served by the poolside and tea with snacks can be served at the Viceregal tea lounge. In room dining is available.
All guests on wellness programmes are offered a personalised wellness meals which are prepared as per Ayurvedic principles of healthy eating as per individual body type or doshas. The meals are made from farm fresh seasonal vegetables with a focus on healthy grain, low fat, lean proteins including chickens and fish, complex carbohydrates and without artificial salts, colours, flavours or preservatives. Every wellness menu for the day is a new fixed menu with a choice of appetisers and main course.
Both Indian as well as international cuisine is served daily as part of the wellness menus as well as in the a la carte menus
We have a wide range of menus to suit every special diet requirement and our chefs can customise every meal according to your preferences.
Lean protein including chicken and fish are served but there may be certain restrictions based on the wellness programme being followed
Alcohol is served on request but may be restricted based on the wellness programme being followed
We do not have a formal dress code in the restaurant. Guests are welcome to wear the kurta pyjamas provided daily through their stay at Ananda for maximum comfort and relaxation.
Wellness menus for every meal are created each day and further personalised to each individual guest based on their health and programme requirements. A la carte menus are fixed but are changed periodically and with each season
Unique dining experiences can be created in outdoor as well as indoor private venues to celebrate a special occasion. Chefs at Ananda can create a customized menu for the occasion.