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Facial Experiences

Rose Quartz Glow

Rose quartz crystals energized in the Holy Ganges River, surrender their soothing, nurturing vibrations, calming the most sensitive of skins. An indulgent back massage using calming pure essential oil of rose begins this journey to balance. Feel the warm pink energy of the crystals as the face is gently cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated using pure blended essential oils of Rose, Aloe Vera and Sandalwood dust. Feel embraced and at peace as Rose Crystal wands glide across your skin. For extra nurturing you are embraced by a web of Rose Quartz crystals to protect your aura

Amethyst Rejuvenation

Feel nurtured, cocooned and protected whilst lying within an Amethyst crystal web. An indulgent back massage using pure essential oils of Rose, Vetiver and Sandalwood begins this journey to rejuvenation. Experience the ultimate healing facial as Amethyst crystals release their cleansing vibrations, assisting to purify and give life back to congested skin. Feel an aura of healing energy whilst the combination of the Amethyst crystal wands, Rose and Vetiver pure essential oils hydrate, cool, balance and decongest.

Ananda Royal Facial

Delight the senses and let your skin be renewed with this unique facial treatment, which begins with a relaxing back massage followed by a facial during the mask experience either a foot or scalp massage. Your skin will feel soft, refreshed and detoxified.

Himalayan Honey and Rose Facial

This balancing and refreshing facial uses a blend of Sandalwood and Rose essential oils. Organic honey is massaged into the skin and a mask of cooling cucumber is applied. While the mask hydrates your skin enjoy a soothing hand or foot massage.

Mountain Dew Skin Freshener

Designed to awake the body’s innate healing ability, which is suppressed due to stress and environmental factors leading to dry, dehydrated, sun damaged and sensitive skins, this is a deep cleansing facial, using a selection of pure essential oils according to your skin type.

The Himalayan Express

The Himalayan express is a quick confidence booster and skin brightener. A gentle yet firm massage tones tired face muscles while special uplifting blended creams/oils and distillates cleanse, tone and moisturize, leaving you looking your absolute best.

The Eye Rejuvenator

A blissful firming and hydrating experience using rejuvenating products such as Wheatgerm and Grapeseed organic vegetable oils, Patchouli, Chamomile, Frankincense essential oils and Vitamin “C” which combine to assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines and protecting the skin against the environment. The eye rejuvenator is a welcome treat for contact lens wearers and those suffering from eyestrain and headaches.

The Restaurant

Built amidst a grove of Sal trees with a Tree Top deck overlooking the valley.
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Ananda’s 78 rooms, suites and villas are designed with classic elegance.
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