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Viceregal palace (2)

The Viceregal Palace

Concealed by the resplendent façade of the palace of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal, lies the luxurious reception area of Ananda. Popularly known as the Viceregal Palace, it has played host to some of India’s most renowned heads of state, during the Maharaja’s reign. Completely restored, the Viceregal Palace is the ultimate statement in subtle style.

The reception area warms your heart and soul, as you are welcomed into the Ananda family by your courteous and efficient front desk staff. Far from any ordinary hotel check-in area, the splendor of the palace takes you back in time to the era of royalty. Relaxation and Rejuvenation at Ananda begins right from the moment you check-in, sipping the refreshing spa signature welcome drink. Whether it is the traditional ‘aarti’ welcome or the contemporary professionalism of our staff, your first impression of the Viceregal Palace will leave you reminiscing about kings and royal splendor.

Adjacent to the reception area, is the grand Viceregal Tea Lounge. Care has been taken to retain the old-world charm and understated elegance of the lounge, an ideal venue for a splendid cup of Darjeeling tea. Enjoy a quiet afternoon alone or with friends, as you admire the life size portraits of the erstwhile Maharaja and of other famous guests.

Also located in the Viceregal Palace is the Maharaja’s billiards room, housing the oldest billiards table in India, dating back to a 100 years. Stunningly crafted in wood, the table has the unparalleled distinction of witnessing some of the most famous political personages, all of whom were guests of the Maharaja. The walls of the billiards room are adorned with pictures of some of these guests. Whether you are a billiards enthusiast or an antique lover, the billiards table is sure to satisfy your quest for the historic.

The Viceregal Palace also features the Viceregal Hall, the original skating rink of the Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal. Now used as the preferred venue for conferences and management retreats, with natural sunlight streaming into the interiors of the Hall, the atmosphere is one of warmth and cozy comfort. The Viceregal Hall is the ideal venue for large gatherings, comfortably accommodating 140 people.

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