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Active Fitness

Ananda’s fitness offerings are focused on customised fitness routines with a complete focus on individual lifestyle management. Guests who visit Ananda on a wellness program will experience individualized, consultative and goal orientated fitness approach. Using the latest equipment, functional training and the most effective techniques, the team will guide you towards a sustainable and effective fitness regimen that suits your needs. Read more about elements of Ananda’s Active Fitness below. Please note that the individual consultation for this programme will be with our fitness expert. 

Fitness Consultation and Assessment

This programme is designed to assess your current fitness level and to recommend an exercise programme that suites your lifestyle. Our exercise specialist will test your aerobic capacity, heart rate and overall strength. We will assess your weaknesses, strengths and advice you on a complete fitness programme during your stay and beyond.

Body Composition Analysis

A useful, scientifically based tool used to access the composition of your body tissue and recommend your target weight and lean body mass percentage.

Personal Training

Participate in personal training with the fitness expert whom will design a unique programme for your needs and objectives no matter what your fitness level. This programme is designed to complement your home routine and to maximise your use of the Ananda facilities.


Sneha Vasti Kashaya Vasti Nasyam
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Ananda Gourmet Cuisine

Located in the Viceregal Palace, this is a regal setting for afternoon tea and light snacks.
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Ananda Spa

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