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Dining Restaurant Pavillion
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The Restaurant

Ananda’s signature restaurant features the finest of Indian, Asian, and Western cuisine, built amidst a forest of old Sal trees and overlooking the valley of Rishikesh. Based on the basic values of traditional cooking, the restaurant explores new vistas in modern gastronomy, with an emphasis on light and healthy meals. Healthy living is emphasised with meals that are enriched by the vivid flavour of organic vegetables and herbs. Keeping in mind the long duration of the guests' stay, the a la carte menu changes according to the season. The warmth of the morning sun or the sparkle of evening stars adds to the rejuvenating quality of every meal.

For guests on a wellness programme, menus are prepared as per Ayurvedic principles. According to Ayurveda, everything is made out of the five elements of air, space, fire, water, and earth, including our bodies. The three body types are a combination of these – Vata constitutes air and space; Pitta is made up of fire and water; and Kapha is water and earth.

Vata body types lean towards light and dry foods. In order to balance this, oily, moist, and heavy foods with highlights of sweet, sour, and salt need to be added to the diet. In contrast, Pitta body types need cool and heavy foods with sweet, bitter, and pungent flavours to douse the fire. Similarly, Kapha body types need light food with bitter, pungent, and astringent flavours.

The ambience in the restaurant is in complete harmony with the prolific use of Yantric art. Enjoy a delicious meal while your aural senses are treated to the lilting strains of classical instrumental music. Our wellness chef would be happy to assist you with specific dietary requirements, making your Ananda experience truly special.

Tree Top Deck

The restaurant deck is a delightful outdoor venue built on treetops, thereby infusing your meal experience with the beauty of the Himalayan mountains and the fresh, natural surroundings overlooking the Rishikesh valley. Inhale the freshest air while enjoying a wellness meal. Let the clear blue skies and the lush green vegetation serenade you while your palate is gently tempted by exotic gourmet delights. At night, this venue offers a unique romantic dining experience, adding depth to your meal.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a casual and elegant setting for conversation, unwinding, and light snacks. Located in the restaurant building, the Pavilion is the ideal venue for intimate gatherings. Enjoy tea, coffee, or a complete meal under the hospitable guidance of our staff. At Ananda, this is where guests not on wellness programmes can enjoy a fine wine or delicious liqueur.

Every evening from 4-6 PM, the Pavilion features a high tea with a variety of fresh snacks to choose from.


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