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Tibetan Experience
Tibetan Experience
Tibetan Treatment in Ananda Spa, luxury hotel in The Himalayas, India

Tibetan Experiences

Tibetan Experiences 

The core of all the Tibetan experiences by Ila, is healing. The higher energy or vibration, which is central to healing, is present in Ila’s unique products, which are brought together and blended with love and healing in mind.

Tibetan Ku Nye Massage 

Tibetan massage focuses on lymphatic drainage, acupressure and meridian work using Hot Himalayan salt poultices infused with cardamom, lavender and jatamansi over the back, backs and fronts of legs, chest, finishing with a wonderful head massage not forgetting the body’s meridian energy channels. The aim of this treatment is to restore the nervous system and stimulate a free flow of energy within the body.

Tibetan Ritual 

5 blends of wild grown organic oils are used to balance the earth, Water, fire, air and ether element. The treatment begins by energizing the meridians with head, hand and foot reflexology. The body is then massaged with hot Himalayan salt.


A complete range of international massage experiences are available at Ananda.
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Ananda Spa Overview

Located in the tranquil Himalayan foothills,Ananda is the spiritual pathway to the ultimate.
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Ananda Spa

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