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Meditation in Ananda Spa luxury Hotel in The Himalayas, India


Yoga Nidra

(A technique of deep yogic relaxation)

Yoga Nidra means ‘Psychic sleep’; a state of conscious sleep where one is on the borderline between wakefulness and sleep. It is a guided proces of relaxation fo quieten the agitations of the conscious mind and awaken the awareness and immense healing potential of the subconscious. In Yoga Nidra, the practitioner is on the threshold of the sunconscious plane from where one can release the hidden psychic tensions of consciousness.

Chakra Shuddhi

(A Chakra cleansing technique)

Chakra Shuddhi means ‘purification of the energy/ psychic centres’. It is one of the very important techniques of Kundalini Yoga. Chakras are the subtle energy centres present in the psychic body. Chakra Shuddhi cleanses the entire chakra system through guided awareness and psychic mantras. It helps to solve the different issues related with the chakras, which bring about a deep transformation or wholeness in personality.

Antar Mouna

(An art of witnessing the Thoughts)

Antar Mouna or “Inner Silence” is a very systematic technique which deepens the insight into the processes of mind and develops skills to manage it. This meditation technique gives a deep insight into the area of mental tensions and emotional turbulence and helps one to take a step towards inner understanding and henceforth attaining emotional and mental harmony within.

Ajapa Japa

(A meditative awareness of Spontaneous mantra)

Ajapa Japa is the spontaneous awareness of the Mantra which is chanted psychically during the process of meditation. ‘Japa’ means repetition. ‘Ajapa’ means spontaneous repetition. Basis of Ajapa Japa is the repetition of the mantra with the movement of breath and awareness in psychic passages. This is an effective process to arrest the unnecessary flow of the thoughts.

Chidakasha Dharana

(Inner visualization)

Chidakasha comes from two roots; ‘Chit’ and ‘Akasha’. Chit means consciousness and akasha means ‘space/ field’. Chidakasha refers to space where all gross and subtle activities of the consciousness take place. Chidakasha Meditation uses the faculty of visualization to gradually deepen the awareness from the gross sensorial plane to subtle psychic and pranic dimensions.

Hridyakasha Dharana

(Refinement of emotional energy)

In Sanskrit hridaya means ‘heart’. Here heart represents the centre of subtle feelings and emotions. This highly psychotherapeutic technique of meditation allows releasing the suppressed impressions. This helps us to transcend the limitations of the limited mind and emotions and hence attain a state of emotional stability through inner exploration of the feelings.


(Candle Meditation)

Trataka means steady gazing. It acts as a stepping-stone between physically oriented cleansing and meditation practices. It improves the memory and helps to develop concentration and will power

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