Visiting Masters

01 Aug 19 - 31 Aug 19

Dr. Giovanni Dicran Megighian

Awareness of Well Being – MIOBALANCE™

What links chronic stress, ageing and loss of attractiveness? Is there a common denominator between the Ayurvedic concept of balancing Doshas and t...
Jill Banwell
01 Sep 19 - 21 Sep 19

Jill Banwell

Crystal Healing, Reiki and Intuitive Massage

After graduating in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, UK, Jill first encountered the healing arts over 18 years ago. This life journey has t...
29 Sep 19 - 23 Oct 19

Dr Rui Pedro Louriero

Chinese Medicine Expert

Dr. Rui Loureiro is an expert in alternative therapies, from Accupuncture to epigentics. He has a Bachelors' degree from Chengdu’s University of Chine...
01 Nov 19 - 30 Nov 19

Cameron Walker

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cameron is an intense and spiritual man, with a deep interest in alternative healing. His early interests were in massage and breath-work (rebirthing)...
Selda Enver Goodwin  Copy
01 Dec 19 - 15 Dec 19

Selda Enver Goodwin

Selda Soul

Selda has been practising yoga and meditation for sixteen years and teaching for ten. She offers bespoke sessions that include a combination of sound...
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