Visiting Masters

15 Feb 21 - 28 Feb 21

Dr. Roma Singh

Create Your Life with Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

A traditional Reiki Grandmaster & Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist. Certified by the California Hypnosis Institu...
15 Feb 21 - 30 Apr 21

Dr. Ash

Integrated Therapy Expert

Dr Ash is an International Practitioner of Integrated Health and Therapies.  His background includes Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Marma, and he is a...
01 Mar 21 - 15 Mar 21

Chandana Ganguly

Transpersonal Psychologist

Chandana is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer. She is the Founder of an Integrative Holistic Wellness practise...
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