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Ananda Covid Safety Processes

Policies & safety measures for COVID below (effective from 4th January, 2022):

Reservations and Admission

1)As per guidelines issued by the State of Uttarakhand, guests will have to complete an RT-PCR Test not earlier than 72 hours from time of arrival at Ananda. Admission to Ananda will be based on submission of the negative report not later than 24 hours prior to arrival and subject to due verification. 

i) To prevent exposure after RT PCR test, guests must maintain all necessary precautions from the time of the test till time of travel to Ananda. If other hotels, events or crowded places are visited between time of RT PCR test and arrival at Ananda, they may be asked to complete another RT PCR test prior to arrival. 

ii) On arrival at Ananda, all guests will undergo a mandatory Rapid Antigen Test screening. 

iii) After arrival at Ananda, guests must remain strictly within Ananda's premises and not undertake any outdoor excursions or visits outside of Ananda till completion of stay.

2. Guests are advised to also independently verify the updated regulations as listed on Indian government and Uttarakhand State government websites and take appropriate action to adhere to these guidelines. Ananda does not take any responsibility or liability for change in these regulations.

Arrival at Ananda

1.     Hotel cars sanitised using safe sanitising chemicals and fogger machine before each trip. 

2.     All arriving guests are greeted at the Palace porch for an Aarti welcome ceremony. This is followed by a temperature check and sanitisation with atomizer in a screened sanitisation area and baggage is sanitised with fogging and UV.

3.     Automatic hand sanitiser is available at locations across the resort premises.

Guest Services

1.     Guests will use Ananda Guest Services®, a QR code based app, to access all content and services offered by the hotel.

2.     A one-touch service desk is available for all telephone and app based service requests and bookings 

3.     Digital Dining menus through Ananda Guest Services®, will provide information about each dish including all relevant nutritional information for guests to either pre-order from rooms or order when seated in the restaurant.

4.     Digital Spa Menu will be available through the Ananda Guest Services® app through which additional spa treatments can be booked daily

Sanitisation Measures

1.     All rooms surfaces and public areas will be sanitised regularly with safe disinfecting chemicals  and UV sanitisation

2.     Sanitised surfaces in Rooms, Restaurant, Spa and other public areas will be checked with ATP monitoring device to ascertain the efficiency of cleaning and sanitisation. 

3.     Rooms certified with complete sanitisation will be pre-allocated

4.     After thorough cleaning of the room, all the areas and surfaces are carefully sanitised with a three stage sanitisation process including, safe certified chemical sanitiser, ULV fogger and UV sanitiser for all corners, fabrics and surfaces.

5.     All ventilation and air-conditioning units in rooms will be cleaned and sanitised frequently using Steam Pressure machines.

6.     All amenities, linen, and glassware used in rooms, will be UV sanitised daily

7.    High temperature washing and UV sterilising of all crockery and silverware used in restaurant and other dining venues.      

8.     Spa Treatment, shower and steam rooms will be thoroughly cleaned regularly. All items in the treatment room including bed, linen, glassware, towels and other guest’s items are changed afresh after each treatment. 

9.  Yoga mats for personal use during stay can be provided on request.

10.  All staff will wear a Face Mask and spa therapists will wear a Face Mask and Face shield during the treatments.

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