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Ananda ReOpens

Ananda is Now Open!

It's time to rejuvenate at Ananda again. Enjoy our holistic wellbeing services safely, across 100 acres of nurturing Sal forests, away from the stressors of the past few months. Renew your wellness journey, building on your inner strength, with  the power of ancient Indian sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation & Vedanta.


To view our new and enhanced programmes and services on opening, read below:

Learn about our new initiatives & safety measures for COVID below:

Ananda Guests and Service Team

  1. All close contact guests services team and the entire spa and wellness team stay on premises.
  2. All guests and staff are encouraged to download and maintain the Aarogya Setu app and will be assessed on a daily basis by Ananda’s wellness team for any COVID related symptoms safety levels, only limited number of guest bookings will be accepted during this period


(Currently valid only for residents in India till 31st May 2021)


  1. All bookings at Ananda will be accepted on a provisional confirmation basis
  2. Guests will need to submit following pre-check in documents not later than 24 hours prior to arrival - Authorized Photo Identity, print Ananda self declaration and disclaimer forms, pre-arrival wellness assessment questionnaire. 
  3. Guests will need to complete an RT-PCR Test from ICMR authorized lab. The test should be undertaken not earlier than 72 hours from time of arrival, reflecting COVID-19 negative report. This is mandatory for all guests, irrespective of stay duration. Print out of Medical report should be carried by the guest for verification at border check posts at time of entry into Uttarakhand.0
  4. The test should be done for a direct arrival to Ananda in the Himalayas. Guests visiting other large hotels/ crowded places prior to their stay here to get a fresh test prior to arrival.
  5. As an added safety measure, all guests coming will have to take an Alpine Antigen Test on arrival at Ananda, conducted pro bono by the Ananda medical team. A negative antigen report will mean that the reservation stands and guest will continue their stay as is. If the Antigen report is positive, then the reservation stands cancelled. Ananda will help the return of the guest back in this case. If the return travel is not immediate for various reasons, guests will be isolated in the Palace suites till it is possible. 
  6. For cancellations or amendments: Click Here
  7. For enhanced safety levels, only limited number of guest bookings will be accepted during this period
  8. Customer and travel agents are advised to also independently verify the updated regulations as listed on Uttarakhand State government website and advise their customers accordingly. Ananda does not take any responsibility or liability for change in these regulations as applicable for stay at Ananda. 

Arrival at Ananda

  1. Hotel cars sanitized using safe sanitizing chemicals and fogger machine before each trip and equipped with an individual guest pack including high quality fabric mask, sanitizer, and wipes. Guests receive a welcome pack with Ananda Guest Services®, a QR code based app which allows real time access to all hotel information and services
  2. All arriving guests are greeted at the Palace porch for an Aarti welcome ceremony. This is followed by a temperature check and sanitization with atomizer in a screened sanitisation area and baggage is sanitized with fogging and UV.
  3. Guests escorted directly to their room and identity verification is completed in the room. 
  4. Automatic hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, and footwear sanitizers available at locations across the resort premises 
  5. All public areas will have seating with adequate distancing

Guest Services

  1. Guests will use Ananda Guest Services®, to access all content and services offered by the hotel and place all orders (food & beverage, spa, housekeeping, and other requests) through this QR code based app
  2. A one-touch service desk is available for all telephone and app based service requests and bookings
  3. All purchase receipts accessed immediately through Ananda Guest Services® and will be settled through secure credit card payment gateway link allowing for contactless and express departure.

Room Housekeeping and Sanitization Measures

  1. All rooms surfaces and public areas will be sanitized regularly with safe disinfecting chemicals  and UV sanitisation
  2. Sanitized surfaces in Rooms, Restaurant, Spa and other public areas will be checked with ATP monitoring device to ascertain the efficiency of cleaning and sanitization. 
  3. Rooms certified with complete sanitisation will be pre-allocated
  4. During the stay Housekeeping Assistant will wear PPE including single use sanitised disposable gloves and mask before commencing room cleaning. 
  5. After thorough cleaning of the room, all the areas and surfaces are carefully sanitized with a three stage sanitisation process including, safe certified chemical sanitizer, ULV fogger and UV sanitizer for all corners, fabrics and surfaces.
  6. All ventilation and air-conditioning units in rooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently using Steam Pressure machines.
  7. As per government health advisory guest room temperature modulation would be maintained at 24ºC.
  8. All amenities, linen, and glassware used in rooms, will be UV sanitised daily
  9. Ananda provides Kurta Pyjamas daily as comfortable resort wear to all its guests. However due to necessary COVID related protocol, this is temporarily discontinued so guests are advised to bring appropriate clothing.
  10. Guest laundry is collected and delivered from outside the room with minimised contact. Laundry is pre-soaked with safe certified laundry sanitisation chemical for a completely sanitised process.
  11. Select high quality and sanitised minibar items will be available. Ananda’s signature Ginger, Lemon & Honey infusion will now be placed in the room as a concentrate and guests are advised to consume this through the day adding hot water for a natural boost of wellbeing and immunity

Food and Beverage | Restaurant Operations 

  1. Limited restaurant seating and staggered meal timings when required to ensure minimum distancing is maintained between tables.
  2. Every guest or family will be seated on a fresh table which once used will not be made available for reseating any other guest during the same meal period
  3. No buffet service at breakfast, lunch or dinner
  4. Fresh order preparation and service direct from kitchen to table for all menu items. 
  5. All members of the restaurant team will wear face shield, mask and gloves and all our Chefs would wear mask and gloves while preparing orders.
  6. Crockery after wiping can be kept inside UV cabinet.
  7. All Ananda menus use fresh, local produce. The menus are now even more dynamic with flexibility to customise the offering for each individual guest. 
  8. Digital menus through Ananda Guest Services®, will provide information about each dish including all relevant nutritional information for guests to either pre-order from rooms or order when seated in the restaurant.
  9. Digital menus include daily changing wellness menus as well as a la carte menus. Personalised daily wellness menus based on consultation is sent in advance through e-mail to guest, restaurant team and chefs
  10. For In-room dining, guests place orders through Ananda Guest Services® app
  11. Contactless service with the order placed and collected from a tray jack outside the room 
  12. High temperature washing and UV sterilizing of all crockery and silverware.         

Spa and Wellness Protocol

  1. Guests on wellness programmes will receive their spa treatment inclusions and schedule via email
  2. Digital Spa Menu will be available through the Ananda Guest Services® app through which additional spa treatments can be booked daily
  3. Guests can request telephone or video chats with spa team including spa reception, Ayurvedic Doctors or Yoga team for any pre-session on ongoing query
  4. Ayurvedic Wellness consultation will be conducted with Doctor’s wearing masks and disposable gloves. Consultation notes, wellbeing recommendations and lifestyle guidelines will be shared via email
  5. Guests will be escorted from spa reception to individual spa rooms to change ahead of the treatment
  6. Should a pre or post treatment shower or steam be required, this will also be arranged in individual spa rooms with these facilities.
  7. Treatment, shower and steam rooms will be thoroughly cleaned prior to commencing and after each usage with all items in the room including beds, glassware, towels and other guest’s items sanitized using UV. Any unused items to be changed afresh after each treatment. 
  8. Significant gaps will be scheduled between treatments for complete sanitisation and protection
  9. Spa therapist will wear a Face Mask and Face shield during the treatments. 
  10. Sanitised Yoga mats with a carry strap will be placed in each guest room prior to arrival for personal use by each guest through their stay
  11. Group Yoga sessions will be conducted in the Hawa Mahal or Vice Regal Hall with adequate distancing measures.
  12. Swimming Pool, Sauna, Hydro and Indoor Gymnasium usage will be closed till further government notification.
  13. Local experiences like excursions to Rishikesh and other places of interest is prohibited by government unless RT-PCR Covid negative test is submitted.

Medical Care

  1. If guest or staff informs of symptoms of COVID-19 any symptoms are observed, trained response team member will attend to the guest/staff immediately in complete protective wear 
  2. If symptoms are verified, then guest /staff will be isolated in a pre-identified room 
  3. Hotel will inform the same on the local Covid related helpline or designated hospital. Health Authorities may send a team to check the patient or request for patient to be sent to the designated hospital for a diagnostic test. 
  4. If test result positive, patient will be hospitalised and immediate family/ designated informed
  5. If the test result is negative, guest/staff will undergo 7-days self-isolation in an Isolation room identified in the hotel with all safety measures in place.

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