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Healing Stories - Chronic Pain

Dr. Naresh Perumbuduri, Senior Ayurveda Physician and physiotherapists Dr. Gaurav Joshi and Dr. Palak Jain narrate the healing story of a young guest at Ananda with chronic pains in the body due to multiple reasons ranging from nerve compression, degeneration and stress.


Chronic pain can be a strange phenomenon, sometimes the pain rises to reveal itself bit-by-bit, in other cases the messenger of pain appears suddenly with a pounding knock on the door. Such was the case of a guest in his thirties, whose first visit to Ananda was accompanied by connecting pains or ‘rippling pains’, which originate somewhere and spread everywhere. With time a group of organs work collectively and in equal strength to create a symphony of pain within.


Recalls Dr. Naresh Perumbuduri, “The starting point was a sharp pain on the nape of his neck which radiated down to his right shoulder, elbow and forearm before culminating as an excruciating spasmic pain on the side of his leg. He was unable to sit, stand or assume a comfortable position while sleeping, finally leading to a sleep disorder as well.”


Dr. Gaurav explains the findings further “There was swelling in the neck, lack of oxygen and blood flow in the arm. His MRI revealed a degeneration of the joint on the top of his shoulder, the neck had budging discs, and the fluid around the bicep tendons was drying up with inflammation in the branchial plexus. These severities in musculoskeletal conditions was a contribution of small scattered pains magnifying into this giant problem”


“He took steroids and intra articular injections, while suggestions to undergo a spinal decompression surgery started to float his way. That was a wake-up call which prompted his first visit at Ananda in the winter of 2021 to begin the process of uprooting the symptoms of pain from its source” says Dr. Palak.

Pristha Vamsa therapy

Prishta Vamsa therapy is a customised Ananda protocol for complete back and spinal care. Ayurveda has profound understanding of pain, types of pain and its treatment. Shoola is the term used for pain and is a cardinal symptom attributed to Vata Dosha. Vata disorders arise out of two main mechanisms either due to blockage of Vata or due to depletion of body tissues (dhatus). The main principle of pain management in Ayurveda is to bring back the balance of Vata Dosha (circulatory forces) and also Dhatu Bala (strengthen tissues).

Ayurvedic therapies and Physiotherapy

As per Ayurveda, Vata-Pitta constitution (a person born with dominating elements of air & space, backed by fire) is prone to dry frictional conditions in the joints. To pacify these symptoms the client was kept on an extensive treatment plan involving external oleation, concoctions with herbs and goat milk, and Nasyam (administered oil drops poured through the nasal cavity). The oil preparation and quantity is as important as the time and season this therapy is being practiced in. Ayurveda therapies such as Pizhichil (Ayurvedic massage with warm medicated oils), Choornaswedana(Bundle massage), Pristha Vamsha therapy (Ayurvedic spice and back therapy) and Stanika pichu (oil padding) were in particular very helpful.


A detailed medication and therapy program through Ayurveda eased the internal systems and this was of significant benefit for the physiotherapist to ‘fixing’ the trigger points which are hidden deep either in the myofascial or in the network of nerves. Other Physiotherapy treatments included Matrix rhythm therapy followed by ultrasound therapy for specific trigger points, Shoulder traction, Traction for bilateral shoulder and neck, Interferential therapy for neck and shoulder and a series of integrative massage therapies with spinal and neck manipulation. Physiotherapy has grown to be an extremely important branch of the integrated wellness approach at Ananda, working seamlessly with Ayurveda and Yoga, especially to address the growing epidemic of chronic pain.

The client visited Ananda within a year with substantial improvements on each visit. The end result? His range of motion improved dramatically, the nerve irritation was reduced by 80%, and the shoulder pain and lower limb spasms completely subsided.

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