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Healing Experiences

Himalayan Crystals cleansed at the source of the Ganges, bring their healing powers balancing the chakras and cleansing the being of negative thoughts and energy. Crystals can increase vibrations to assist in the release of blockages. Since its beginning in Japan, Reiki has been adapted across varying cultural traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring “universal energy” through the palms of the practitioner, which they believe encourages healing. Read more about various energy healing treatments offered at Ananda below


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Crystal Healing

Feel your senses come alive when the crystal energy washes over your chakras like a river of colours, filling your whole being with renewed vibrancy and pure energy. Stimulating your mind, yet relaxing your body. Breathe in the vibrant red, orange, and yellow of the crystals. Feel comforted and embraced whilst the Rose Quartz works on your emotions.

Reiki Healing

Be empowered with Reiki healing. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique that promotes a deep level of relaxation and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki uses the universal life force energy to break up energy blockages within the body, allowing healing energy to flow again freely and stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It reduces stress and anxiety and brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance. For many, Reiki opens the door to positive change and can offer support for many types of illnesses.

Reiki Healing with Crystals

A powerful and cleansing experience, using crystals that are a gift from the earth and as such work in unison with all living things. They help to awaken the mind, body and spirit. This is a wonderful experience for you, where two great energies work in harmony together.

Reflexology with Crystal Energy

As your reflex points relax to the external stimulation of pressure point work, allow the pure energy of the crystals to float into your chakras, releasing negative energy thus allowing your being to begin the healing process. Embrace yellow Citrine to bring enlightenment, or take into your being the pink energy of loving Rose quartz to bring about total equilibrium.


This balancing and calming experience uses the flow of luke warm herbal oils over the chakras whilst incorporating a specific Marma point massage to restore vital energy flow and balance the fluctuation of each chakra.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling is a wonderfully cleansing and relaxing experience. Enjoy the subtle scents of spicy American Indian herbs and the soft crackle of the ear candle flame as it clears blockages within the ear canal. An intensely pleasant experience, bringing peace of mind and harmony to the body as a whole. This experience incorporates a reflex point facial massage which assists to clear congestion, wax build up, tinnitus, sinus problems, and migraine. An excellent post-flight remedy to help balance the ears.

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