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Understanding Hindu Deities

Annu Kalra, 12-May-18 to 23-May-18


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Indian Gods are meant to be role models. Beings whose traits we emulate so that we may manifest in our own lives the splendor of their life that we so admire.

Lord Hanuman, also referred to as the Monkey God, has inspired people across generations. Shani or Saturn is one of the most feared planets in the Horoscope. A better understanding of this Deity however dispels the fear and evokes reverence instead.

Spiritually Inspired Author, Artist & Guide annu kalra unfolds an understanding of these religious icons in her workshops. The Ancient people were very intelligent. They created elaborate systems of rites and rituals to aid people in their self-discovery and self-actualization, idol worship being one of them. Annu explores this aspect in her workshops. By interpreting & explaining the traditional wisdom in a modern context and in a relevant manner, she helps people arrive at a space of greater well-being.

In the workshop on Shani Dev she will share an understanding of Shani and shall also guide people on how to make the best of Shani Jayanti, which falls on 15th May. On the day of the Jayanti there shall be a ritual of offering prayers and lighting Earthen lamps(diyas) under a peepal tree as part of the Shani Jayanti celebration.

In the Decoding Hanuman session she will shed light on understanding the iconography of Hanuman, interpretation of stories associated with Him and lead participants to singing of Hanuman Chalisa.

Group Sessions:

Understanding Shani Dev: 12th May, 5pm – 6.30 pm

Decoding Hanuman: 14th May, 5pm – 6.30 pm

Individual Sessions :

Individual sessions would be offered on formulating rituals for personal growth and spiritual development, dealing with relationship issues, anxieties & emotional congestion, handling grief & loss, removing energy blockages, developing leadership potential, learning self-healing techniques and healing mantras and dealing with many other mind-body soul issues interfering with one’s sense of well-being.

Annu operates from the level of sharing of energy. Her mere presence has a calming and healing effect on most people. Some people like to just come and sit in silence. Others vent out completely and feel a catharsis in the process. She gently guides people to discover the answers from within them by bringing them to a greater level of clarity by shedding light on the various aspects in a very holistic manner. The techniques she uses range from contemplative periods of silence, visualization techniques, chanting sessions, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, different kind of meditations (some she has formulated specially to help deal with modern day issues like stress and heart trouble), discussions on Scriptures, Q & A sessions and even personal reading from her own designed guidance cards ‘Aavirbhaav’.

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