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Self Healing Ritual

Leela Sylvia Isani, 01-Mar-19 to 31-Mar-19

Leela - Copy (2)This transformational experience activates your self-healing power, amplifies your self-love and connects with your soul level. The heart centered hands-on treatment provides a sacred space with a deep regeneration of cells and organs while you enjoy tender touches carrying the transmission of a powerful light energy. It opens you up to higher levels of consciousness, releasing tensions and raises your life energy. The SELF HEALING RITUAL awakens your inner wisdom and clears the next step in the divine play of your life.

About Leela Sylvia Isani
Leela Isani is a certified Holistic Healer, Reikimaster, a Human Potential Trainer, Spiritual Coach and Author She is trained in Alternative Medicine, Stress Management, Lifestyle Coaching, psycho-spiritual Care for the Dying, Energy Work, Trauma Healing and Yoga.

As a Yoga teacher she developed her own very intuitive way of sharing Yoga, called Leela Yoga. She has been giving seminar and personal counselling for 25 years. She wrote several books and articles on holistic living and self-inquiry. She is a passionate traveller, and has lived and studied with well-known spiritual teachers in India and Europe. One of her focus is on Self-Healing as she believes that we ourselves are able to heal our body, as the wisdom of the body knows exactly what is needed to harmonise and to heal. We only need to be able to listen and to understand this natural wisdom and to reconnect with our inner source and to love ourselves.

The self-healing ritual
The 1.5 hour session leaves you nourished on all levels, refreshed, deeply relaxed and rejuvenated, at one with yourself and in love with life.After the treatment Leela shares her insights and received messages with you.

The experience contains a flowing self healing sequence. It offers special movements, gentle strokes and soft energetic touches, a specially created Self Healing Essence, a sound field and stillness. A specific symbol has been created to assist the process. The client is invited to perform simple, effective exercises before the treatment with the therapist and will get a written brochure with the instructions at the end. Self Healing Powers and Self Love are activated. The therapist connects to the client soul to soul.

The client is invited to continue with the introductory exercises at home. Each session includes a sharing with the therapist. Leela recommends that guests take three sessions of the SELF HEALING RITUAL with one or two days in between for a deep process of helping the cell memory to recover from emotional or traumatic disturbance and to feel a deeper connection to one’s self love and to assist physical balance. During the SELF HEALING RITUAL some people might experience altered states of emotions like Happiness, sadness, comfort, deep tranquility, feeling of safety, clarity, love etc..


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