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Mongolian Koyashai Massage/Thai Yoga/ Ball Inversion Therapy

Bruni Maslen, 01-Jan-18 to 14-Jan-18

BrunhildAbout the Master

Bruni Maslen  studied yoga, ayurveda, Buddhism, pranic healing and many other traditions of healing; of which Thai Yoga Massage became her favourite. she has been training therapists at Ananda as well, over the last 13 years.

She worked with people across all strata, to learn how the mind reveals itself through the body and how working with the body affects the mind.

The underlying Buddhist principles of metta and vipassana together with conscious breath work are the base of all her therapies. Where the mind goes, prana will follow…

Sessions Offered

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditionally this massage was a practice for Buddhist monks of Vipassana (mindfulness) and Metta (loving kindness), giving full attention and the best intention for the healing of the patient. The therapist will sensitively explore where the energy in the body is not flowing freely. Using acupressure and gentle yoga stretches she will remove tightness and blockages to restore your full vitality. This massage is performed fully dressed on a futon on the floor. It will be tailor made for your needs respecting the present state of body and mind. It is also suitable for pregnant ladies. You will get the benefit of a full yoga workout without any effort on your part and leave with a spring in your step.

Duration: 90 min.

Mongolian Koyashai Massage

This ancient treatment is the perfect answer to our modern life style. It completely calms the nervous system, restores strained eyes and invigorates the connection with the ground. The treatment is carried out with the patient fully dressed on a couch. Only the area around the eyes and the feet are massaged. Using a cooling oil gentle strokes around the eyes relax the eye muscles, reduce puffiness and nourish the skin. The feet are massage with invigorating strokes and a warming oil to draw the energy down away from the head. In ayurvedic teaching there is a strong connection between the eyes and the feet regarding the fire energy in the body.

The name of this treatment comes from the names of the moon deity Koyash and the sun deity Ai. It has been practiced by the indigenous people of Mongolia for thousands of years.

Duration : 60 minutes

Ball Inversion Therapy

Ball Inversion Therapy is a new form of Yoga Therapy which brings balance to the skeletal structure  while conferring profound psychological benefits. Inversion is effective and rapid in producing lasting transformation on many levels due to the increase of oxygen and alpha wave activity in the brain. It has the same benefits as a headstand in Yoga, but in a passive and much more comfortable way. It allows the client to surrender to gravity and release all physical, emotional and psychic tension. BIT is particularly suitable for those with people who suffer from nervous conditions and communication problems. Despite the simplicity of the technique the energetic aspect of the process becomes palpable right from the start.

It has proven to be successful treating headaches,  heart  flutter, depression, phobias, neurosis, trauma, toxicity and all stress related diseases. It induces a feeling of being connected, authentic and grounded.

Duration: 30 minutes


“You are very strong!” Oprah Winfrey

“You have an incredible presence during the treatment.” Roger Golton

“After your treatment my whole body was smiling – no grinning from ear to ear!” Emily Jolliffe

“I have experienced many massage therapists, but nothing compares to the treatments I receive from you. “ A. Ackland-Snow (Harry Potter studio)

“Deep and thorough. I felt great in the days following! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for an amazing experience! This has really has changed my view on a lot of things!” Debbie J.

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