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Integrative touch and Aura reading

Virginie Claret, 01-Oct-16 to 31-Oct-16

Virginie ClaretAbout the Master
Highly skilled at assessing the Chi-life energy, Virginie is a Reiki master of exceptional intuition and a licensed massage therapist with a strong background in medical studies. She is a graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies as well as a graduate of the Harner Shamanic foundation in the USA. She collaborates regularly as a specialist in top hotels and spas around the world and works privately as a healer in her native Switzerland.

Sessions Offered

Healing Touch – 75 minutes.

Virginie’s sessions restore the free flow of life energy within the physical body and the subtle energy bodies, as health is a state of harmony between these various dimensions of our being. She draws upon a great variety of techniques, from neuromuscular therapy, trigger point and Swedish strokes, to acupressure, Reiki and specific energetic modalities. She works simultaneously on the energy meridians as defined by Chinese medicine, on the energy centers called chakras and on the multi -dimensional aspect of our being coming from the Reiki tradition. Deeply soothing, her sessions help release firmly rooted memories and patterns and grant a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation.

Aura Reading – 75 minutes.

The aura is a colored and multi-layered electromagnetic field encompassing essential information about our destiny, our potential and our functioning. This in-depth reading is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, of your challenges and of your potential in order to live life with greater ease and clarity. It is done with your active participation as you together with the therapist determine what energy is needed to harmonize the various layers.


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