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Buqi Healing

Shiela Green, 01-Oct-16 to 31-Oct-16

Sheila GreenSheila Green

Sheila is from the Vale of Evesham in rural Worcestershire, England and a Buqi Energy Therapist specialising in healing with mantra. Sheila was a student of Dr Shen Hongxun for 12 years, studying all disciplines including Buqi Energy Therapy and Healing, meditation, chi gong (Taijiwuxigong), and t’ai chi (Taiji 37). She is fully qualified graduating with a Diploma in Buqi Therapy for Professional Practice. Dr Shen and other masters of the system have encouraged Sheila to become better known and help more people. Uniquely, she specialises in Buqi healing with sound and mantra on personal one to one sessions as well as in small groups.

Currently, Sheila sees her clients in a Brighton clinic and holds Buqi Sound Daoyin group healing sessions with BuqiBrighton, an informal group of teachers and therapists.

Sheila is also a student of Traditional Tibetan Medicine specialising in mantra healing and has completed the rare Yuthok Nyinthig Ngondro. This is the ancient spiritual practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, practiced by Traditional Tibetan doctors, taught by Ngakpa, Dr Nida Chenagtsang. With a genuinely unique profile within the Buqi Energy Therapy system Sheila is the only Buqi healer specialising in sound and mantra healing. Sheila Green has a growing reputation as a Buqi Healer and works with passion and commitment.

Buqi is an energy healing treatment system developed from Chinese medicine by Dr Shen Hongxun. He incorporates many ancient techniques nearly lost following the many political and cultural disruptions throughout the twentieth century.

Dr Shen taught that the body stores binqi; the build-up of pathogenic factors and toxic by-products. Causes include negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear and sadness, these form a type of binqi that affects the body’s biochemistry. Binqi accumulates in the inter-vertebral spaces of the spine and throughout the body including the organs; blocking the energy channels. The resulting dysfunction leads to impaired body fluid circulation (blood, lymph, intercellular and cerebrospinal fluid) and stagnation of energy flow.

At the heart of a Buqi treatment is the healing force of the dantian, an energy centre located in the lower abdomen. The dantian, when activated, can generate a strong internal force and it is this force that every Buqi practitioner must first learn to find and develop. During a Buqi treatment the practitioner activates their own energy system, creates an energy field around the patient, and then directs binqi out of the patient’s body.

Buqi does not normally involve touch, and one may work a few inches or even feet away from the patient. Through exercise, the practitioner will develop the ability to direct energy by combining the use of mental force, breathing and dantian force. This not only clears the patient’s energy system, but can also subtly re-align body posture.

Buqi Sound Daoyin
These healing sessions, either one to one or in a group, use sound vibrations of the human voice. As with all of Dr Shen Hongxun’s work the spine stretches, the channels and meridians of the body open, allowing unwanted negative factors to be released and expelled.

Buqi Sound Daoyin includes many special Chinese healing sounds but sessions with Sheila concentrate on mantra chanting for health and happiness. Many of these mantra are particular to this system. Simple instructions for standing, sitting or lying down are given making this technique very accessible. All participants can expect to receive group and individual healing throughout. This is simple but profound healing that aims to benefit everyone whatever health issues are presented.

Sheila says, “It is my privilege to be the only Buqi Sound specialist. I do understand that this is all new and different but together, with daring, honestly and compassion we can offer your guests real health and happiness. A Buqi treatment is a very memorable experience.”

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