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Body Alchemy & Energy Alignment

David Zenon, 21-Feb-17 to 14-Mar-17

About David Zenon

David grew up with chronic pain and it took many years before he was diagnosed with a tumour. This experience helped to activate his deeply compassionate and intuitive nature. In addition to being fascinated by alleviating human suffering, he was attuned to a big shift in consciousness, as apartheid South Africa fell. David was drawn to Jerusalem, immersing himself into spiritual studies and becoming known as an energy healer via touch and presence, followed by moving to Australia to study complementary medicine and become a Naturopath.

David has studied Qi Gong (internal energy) under Master Chen in Wudang Shan China, Taoist healing under Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand and Meditation under Ajahn Brahm in Australia, known as one of the world’s foremost masters of meditation. In his healing arts sessions, he draws upon his experience incorporating energy healing, massage, yoga, qigong, life-coaching and shamanism. David’s career has seen him working with high profile clients and even royalty, and is increasingly becoming known as a modern-day Zen Master.

Healing Journeys
With authentic presence and healing touch, David brings consciousness to the fears and blockages within our body and mind, and then works to accept, transmute and heal them. Every healing session is designed to address your unique goals.

Body Alchemy

Find freedom from painful and limiting conditions, chronic or acute physical and soft-tissue syndromes, ailments, injuries, stiffness, tension, pain, numbness and more with a combination of physical-therapy techniques, stretching, remedial, deep tissue and sports massage, and trigger point therapy. A restorative and therapeutic treatment geared towards restoring mobility and releasing tension.

Energy Alignment
Involves abdominal massage and energy work to release stress, stagnant energy and emotional toxins stuck in the energy system, particularly focused on the GUT. It can also help to alleviate digestive problems – and stimulate movement that promotes detoxification, lymphatic drainage and weight loss. The ancient Taoists believed that the secret to good health was to ensure the digestion is free of tensions, and the ‘chi’ is flowing in a balanced way throughout the body. They called this treatment ‘Chi Nei Tsang.’



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