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Relevance of Emotional Healing

Despite a rapid rise in adoption of holistic wellness in the last decade, most people still link wellness to the physical self with some recent interest in mindfulness; emotional and mental health is largely ignored. An unhealthy mind, left untreated, doesn’t just give rise to mental issues like anxiety, depression, and psychotic disorders, but also manifests in the body through unexplained aches and pains, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, indigestion and various other psychosomatic disorders.

AsMental Stress per the World Health Organization- mental health is at epidemic levels with more than 450 million people suffering from a mental or behavioural disorder. The correlation of mental health disorders with chronic physical illnesses is three times that within the general population. By 2030 the largest health risk on earth will be depression. 

Given the increasing and worrying levels of depression, stress, burnout, emotional imbalance and trauma, few people understand the importance and relevance of emotional healing. The root cause of any challenge that one faces - be it a physical health issue, an emotional or relationship issue or a repeating pattern in life - begins with a disconnection with the self. And this is acknowledged by the spiritual Vedas & modern psychology.

The cure to heal the disconnect lies in understanding, accepting and connecting back with who one is. When the connect to the true self is established, one tends to feel lighter, more energized and freer.  To actually be able to do this, to understand oneself; one needs to begin the journey of self-exploration, understanding the emotional root cause for the problems being faced and limitations that stops one from reaching their fullest potential. The emotional awareness and healing that comes from the self-exploration helps improve the efficacy & realization of physical and health goals. 

This process of self-understanding and self-exploration can be done using combination of tools and techniques from psychology, hypnotherapy, regression, NLP, energy healing and spirituality. This progressive journey helps to understand and resolve challenges, releasing a lot of pent-up impresEnergy Healingsions, unprocessed emotions that may be weighing one down. 

Issues like unexplained pains, aches, nightmares, inability to maintain weight, lingering insomnia, deep-seated anger, chronic stress management, past or childhood traumas, grief, low self esteem can be treated effectively using emotional healing modalities. Working with the right holistic healers is of utmost importance. 

When one begins to establish the peace and calm within, the external manifestation of success, solutions and transformations start surfacing. An experience akin to a physical detox, an emotional cleanse is far more intense at times and overwhelming as it opens up conversation channels between the conscious and the subconscious. This can only be achieved with the help of seasoned experts, who are adept in not just opening up these channels, but also ensure that healing follows through and is sustained for life.

Ananda offers Emotional Healing Sessions as part of all comprehensive wellness programmes. These sessions include comprehensive assessments with holistic healing experts, personalized therapy, counselling, and coaching leading to ongoing engagement for tangible results. These emotional healing sessions can be applied to benefit all areas of a person’s life – physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing, work and relationships. 

Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, 
doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone - Lisa Olivera


Ananda now integrates expert led Emotional Wellness Healing with its wellness programmes.
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