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Regression Therapy: A Pandora's Box

We are What We Believe: Concept & History of Regression


“Just keep your conscious mind busy with expectation of the best” - If these words by Joseph Murphy naturally sprouts a frown between your brows and your heart says ‘But how?’, it’s time for you to regress.


Regress into your vast life story and know what belief or memory from the past prevents your present personality from expecting the best. The history of regression as a therapeutic technique traces back to various ancient civilizations, including Egypt, Greece, and India, where it was practised as a means of spiritual and psychological exploration. By delving into the depths of the subconscious mind an emotional therapist uncovers hidden aspects of one's being. This involves revisiting past memories and experiences to gain insights, heal emotional wounds, and transform limiting patterns and beliefs.


The language and methodology of modern Emotional therapy has its roots in ancient Eastern traditions. Yoga and Vedic wisdom makes clear references to the whirlpool of unresolved memories or unfulfilled desires as vasanas, also understood as behaviour tendencies or karmic imprints. The texts also refer to the deep impressions etched into the subconscious as samskaras. It’s a little challenging to comprehend these concepts in words. Therefore, to work with an experienced emotional therapist or yogi, facilitates a journey of deep self-reflection, and in good time, the play of samskaras & vasanas is revealed to us.


Thus naturally, the understanding of regression therapy is often limited to revisiting a past life. However, regression isn’t only about releasing traumas from as far back as your ‘past lives’. Deep lasting impressions formed in childhood and early years create a pattern of associated thoughts, which in turn affects your present. Now imagine holding on to a deep impression formed in 1963 which serves no good, and operating through that outdated piece of your personality in 2023.