01 Mar 20 - 17 Mar 20

Leela Sylvia Isani

Self-Healing Ritual

This transformational experience activates your self healing power, amplifies your self love and connects with your soul. The hands-on treatment provides a sacred space where deep regeneration happens. Do you ever ask yourself why am I here, who am I? The RITUAL awakens your inner wisdom, allows you to come
closer to yourself. The energy knows exactly what you need at this moment of your life, be it healing for the body, peace of mind or a spiritual experience.
During the treatment Leela is intuitively reading the body and is receiving messages from body, heart or soul, which she is sharing with you. The treatment leaves you deeply nourished on all levels.
The experiences during the session are very individual, as some people might need physical healing while others want to heal a broken heart and others aim to connect with their deepest essence.

Ananda Bliss

A love ritual for couples: share this magic ritual with your loved one, experience a bonding heart meditation to deepen your love. Allow to reach a new level of your relationship . A very individual experience as Leela tunes into your specific needs.

About Leela

Leela Sylvia Isani is a German born certified Holistic Health Practitioner , Reikimaster , Human Potential Trainer, Spiritual Coach, Seminar Leader and Author.
She is trained in alternative medicine, stress management, coaching, spiritual care for the dying, energy work and Yoga. Her focus is on self healing and soul connection He strength is to touch peoples heart, read their bodies and individual potential , give spiritual advice and support the manifestation of the life they truly want


Med. Natural Health Practitioner
Certified Yoga Teacher
Human Potential Coach

Booking the Visiting Master’s Session

VM Sessions can be booked at the Spa Reception or you may email to spareception@anandaspa.com

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