01 Sep 19 - 21 Sep 19

Jill Banwell

Crystal Healing, Reiki and Intuitive Massage

After graduating in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, UK, Jill first encountered the healing arts over 18 years ago. This life journey has taken her into the fields of Reiki Healing, Colour and Crystal Healing, Hatha Yoga, Body Massage, Meditation and Therapeutic Tarot Reading, as well as to sacred sites and special natural places all over the world, which have facilitated her to become a more open channel for healing energies. As a therapist, teacher and workshop leader she has worked with people in five star resorts, healing centres and boutique retreats in Europe, Asia and North America, taking pleasure in gently guiding them to experience a deeper, more harmonious level of life.

Intuitive Massage Treatment

Holding a nurturing space that encourages you to relax and let go, Jill intuitively uses a combination of different bodywork techniques to give you a customized full body oil massage treatment according to your personal needs and preferences. Any particular physical issues that you have will be given particular attention. During the massage you can also receive some Reiki Healing to balance your chakras, re-harmonising your energies and emotions to bring you into an even deeper state of relaxation, so you can release tensions at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Crystal Chakra Therapy

During the treatment beautiful healing gemstones are placed on your chakras (energetic centers). While your body, mind and spirit absorb the high vibrations of these special stones, Jill gives you a hands-on Reiki Healing to amplify the effects. If you have been overloaded by a stressful or traumatic time in your life then this treatment can help to bring you back into alignment with your higher self. This energy healing treatment detoxes, energizes, calms, inspires and rebalances according to your needs.

Reiki Healing 

As a Reiki Master, Jill channels Reiki (Universal Life Force energy) to your body, mind and spirit by placing her hands gently on the energetic centers (chakras), joints and major organs of your body. People tend to feel a lot of warmth coming from Jill’s hands as they achieve a deep state of relaxation that encourages release and transformation. Benefits of this treatment include: stress relief, emotional detox, lowers blood pressure, releases muscular tension and promotes mental calm, so you feel much more at peace inside yourself, with those around you, and with life in general.

Therapeutic Tarot Reading Consultation

Jill uses the Tarot as a tool for healing through increased awareness. A therapeutic reading gives you the space to discuss and examine any issues that you may be experiencing in your life. Accessing spiritual guidance through the cards brings peace, healing, clarity and understanding, giving you a higher perspective and shining a light on the way ahead. You are welcome to approach the cards with general curiosity, or with any specific issues or questions about your life. Please note that this reading is not predictive.

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