15 Mar 22 - 31 Mar 22

Dr. Roma Singh

Create Your Life with Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

A traditional Reiki Grandmaster & Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist. Certified by the California Hypnosis Institute, she is a Professional Member of the American Hypnosis Association. She is also certified by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Having worked for many years with these two alternative healing modalities, she integrates them to create a unique healing experience. She believes that the components that contribute to both health and illness emerge from all areas of one’s life …. work, relationships, physical habits and belief patterns. She offers her clients an individually designed treatment, gently guiding them to emotional and physical well-being. 

Having worked with over 8000 clients till date, her client base is spread around India, USA, Dubai and Europe.
Experience amazing sessions that expand your mind & connect you to the depths of the inner mind and consciousness…. to move from darkness into light, with astounding empowerment. A wonderful way to connect with your inner self & soul.
If you’ve ever wished that you could find a method for creating and transforming your life that’s clear and streamlined, dynamic and powerful, then here it is.

Roma helps you to address life’s challenges like fear, loneliness, lack of love, recurring negative thoughts, financial challenges, relationships, issues with work, helping in healing & transforming anything that is causing pain, by releasing old patterns & traumas of the past that are repeating themselves in the present

Programme Overview

Some of the processes and modalities she works with are as follows:
• Chakra Check & Chakra Cleansing
• Soul Integration
• Age regression & Inner Child Healing
• Past Life Regression
• Weight Loss
• Relationship Issues
• Clearing Energy Attachments

Duration of session: 90 minutes 

Booking the Visiting Master’s Session

VM Sessions can be booked at the Spa Reception or you may email to spareception@anandaspa.com

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