01 Aug 19 - 31 Aug 19

Dr. Giovanni Dicran Megighian

Awareness of Well Being – MIOBALANCE™

What links chronic stress, ageing and loss of attractiveness? Is there a common denominator between the Ayurvedic concept of balancing Doshas and the recent findings in neurophysiology? How can we fully benefit from a period of rest and peace, and return to our routine refreshed and full of life?

MIOBALANCE™ Technique, developed by Dr Megighian, offers gentle and effective physical rebalancing techniques associated with chronic stress guidance.

The sessions are intended to predispose the person to fully appreciate the services available at the Ananda Spa, setting a personal standard of well being for the period they stay at Ananda. For those interested in further expanding their experience, custom made programs are available.

Guests interested in further details can browse website http://miobalance.com/mio-technique/

Sessions offered

Introductory session 80 minutes
Introductory conversation on well-being and stress physiology 20 minutes
Rebalancing experience 60 minutes

Please make your bookings are done at the Spa Reception when you are at the hotel or in advance by emailing spareception@anandaspa.com and quoting your booking confirmation number.
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