15 Feb 21 - 30 Apr 21

Dr. Ash

Integrated Therapy Expert

Dr Ash is an International Practitioner of Integrated Health and Therapies.  His background includes Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Marma, and he is also trained in many other disciplines of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, and many more. The core philosophy of his integration consists of Integrative Massage, Movement, Meditation and Diet, focussed to achieve experiential results. He is also trained by Dr Mosaraf Ali, a Bestselling Author and World Renowned Practitioner of Integrated Medicine based in Central London. 
While practising under/with Dr Ali , he has gained expertise in the treatment of critically ill patients, working across London, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Hongkong, Monaco and Moscow. 
He treats people suffering from paralysis to chronic aches and pains of various kinds, such as headaches, neck ache, shoulder pain, backache, knee pain, tennis/golf elbow, sports Injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, weight related issues, stress related issues and also for general feeling of wellbeing. 

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