01 Jun 20 - 15 Jun 20

Corinne Fricker

Holistic bodyworker- Reiki Healing, Ku Nye Massage Therapist

Corinne is a holistic body worker, specializing in Reiki and Tibetan treatments. 

Her journey to wellness started 20 years ago in Thailand, before moving to India. She studied Thai massage there and has been initiated in Reiki in France. During the years spent in India, she has continuously been exposed to spiritual training by some of the greatest masters such as HH Dalai Lama and the Hindu Saint Amma. Their blessings have enriched and deepened her work as a therapist.

She founded a concept of wellness retreats called 'Anahata Spirit' where she designs tailor made journeys in the Uttarakand region, combining aesthetics, wellness, mindfulness practices and discovery of sacred places. Corinne has developed her own personal style by combining Ku Nye, energy work, Reiki Healing and her personal beliefs and spiritual experiences. Her unique treatments, given mindfully with a specific intention for each client brings about a profound healing, and restores the balance of the body energy system.

Ancient healing bodywork

Ancient healing arts such as Tibetan Ku Nye and Reiki are based on complex theories of the workings of the human body and mind. The concept of vital or life force energy is very common in these traditional healing systems. In Hindu philosophy the Sanskrit word is Prana. Imbalances of this energy can be physical, mental or emotional and can lead to blockages. The combination of Ku Nye Therapy, warming Potli ND Reiki helps to restore the balance of energy flow, relieve joint pain and inflammation.  It stimulates blood and lymph circulation, boosting the immune system and reducing stress. The complete experience is restoring natural balance for total mind and body healing

Grounding Energy Massage

This unique therapy addresses the body, energy system and the mind based on the ancient healing arts such as Tibetan Ku Nye massage and Reiki. The combination of those two disciplines helps in balancing the air element called Loong energy, with the use of acupressure on the meridian lines as well as restoring the energy flow within the body. This deeply relaxing treatment will also mobilize joints, enhance tissue suppleness, nourish the nervous system and alleviate stress. The complete experience is very relaxing and grounding.

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