15 Dec 20 - 02 Jan 21

Chandana Ganguly

Transpersonal Psychologist

Chandana is a Transpersonal Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer. She is the Founder of an Integrative Holistic Wellness practise headquartered in Bangalore, called Turquoise Living.
Chandana specialises in the area of Human Potential and Raising of the Human Consciousness and Intelligence. Her work focuses on a) eradication of the pain and stress (in the form of physical, mental or emotional issues and chronic conditions) that plague people’s lives, as well as b) helping people achieve greater heights of success through an upgrade in their consciousness.

After graduating from Oxford University, Chandana had a successful career as an investment banker in London. Due to a personal health condition, she spent a lot of time exploring leading health sciences in the West and healing sciences and spirituality in the East. She then created an integrative approach which draws the best from different fields such as Psychology (including NLP, Coaching, Regression, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy), Energy Healing, Ayurveda and Siddha Acupressure.

This combination of Western Behavioural Sciences and Eastern Spirituality provides an experience which is truly unique and transformational. Through this experience guests feel greater congruency and inner peace, have clarity of thought and purpose and can access a higher potential within themselves.

Programmes offered

The Cosmic Mind

The mind is like an inverted funnel and we operate just at the tip of it, leading very limited lives compared to our true potential. By using very specialised and niche techniques from the West (Western Behavioural Science, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression etc) that are anchored to key principles of Eastern Spirituality, guests are taken on a journey that navigates to the greatest depths of their minds. Here, they have access to a vast reservoir of profound intelligence and wisdom.

Having access to this Higher Intelligence opens up the potential and possibilities in one’s life.

Guests are able to use this experience to either untap greater heights of success in their life or solve challenges that they are facing. Challenges solved from this space are no longer suppression techniques or coping mechanisms, but are approached from a place of actual eradication. This experience can be applied to all areas of a person’s life – their physical health, emotional and mental wellbeing, work and relationships.

This entire experience has been curated to give guests the opportunity to breakthrough ceilings in their life and also achieve a connection with their soul and gain an insight into the potential and purpose of their life. Treatments are carried out in a relaxed and peaceful environment, leaving guests with an experience that is deep, transformational and therapeutic.

Before designing a customised programme, a case history is taken to understand the exact needs of our guest.

Energy Healing in the Himalayas

All our experiences in the world just tend to be based on our physical body and mind. The energy body, something we seldom experience, is our connection with the universe. Chandana is a Reiki Master Healer. A Reiki Master helps awaken your energetic body and balance the different elements of it, allowing one to feel more connected to their soul. The effects of clearing the energetic body removes blockages in our day to day life and gives us an avenue to achieve unbridled success while being anchored to a state of inner peace and congruity.

The sessions include:

Energy Scan and Chakra Healing – Often people find invisible barriers in their health, mindset, relationships and material success. This is often the result of blockages in their energy system. Through an Energy Scan we discover where the blockages in our energy system lie and what affects they have on our lives. Clearing and Balancing the Energy centres removes these barriers resulting in a state of tranquillity and mental clarity.

Reiki full-body healing (energetic and physical) - Comprehensive head-to-toe Reiki Energy Healing, balancing all energy centres and physical organs. Where needed, this will be combined with Ancient Indian Acupressure to treat specific conditions. The process allows universal energy to flow freely through your body and heal any part of the physical body including vital organs, that might be strained or functioning less optimally. Guests often feel greater vitality and health post the session.

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