01 Nov 20 - 30 Nov 20

Cameron Walker

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cameron is a wellness expert from Sydney, Australia. His spiritual journey began two decades ago with Iyengar yoga, after which, he trained in remedial massage, deep tissue massage and breathwork. He discovered his true calling as a craniosacral therapist in 2001. Cameron says, “Our body has the ability to self-heal, but stress can keep it from doing its job. With craniosacral therapy (CST), I listen through the body, then work accordingly to help you regain your natural alignment – physically, mentally and emotionally.” Cameron also works with families and schools of children with autism and special learning needs; a subject close to his heart. His practice has taken him across the world, from Asia Pacific to the Caribbean to the Middle East. 

About Craniosacral Therapy

CST is a powerful holistic treatment with origins in osteopathy. Cameron describes it as a journey of letting go. Physical or emotional shock creates tension in the body, which leaves the tissues tight and contracted creating short- and long-term pain. Using gentle hands-on techniques, Cameron senses delicate motions within the body that are connected to the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes the nervous system. In doing so, he works to release imbalances and tensions and restore freedom of movement, which in turn supports the body’s self-healing abilities. Being a subtle therapy, the craniosacral experience varies between people. The end result is usually a feeling of lightness, relaxation and internal balance.

Some typical symptoms that Craniosacral Therapy helps alleviate include back/neck/shoulder pain; headaches/migraines; anxiety/stress/emotional trauma; vertigo; jaw dysfunctions; and mental blocks among others.

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