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Spirit Of Ananda Sep 2015

BRIDAL WELLNESS & REJUVENATION (inner glow, beauty, hair and skin)

Namaskar from Ananda in the Himalayas!

In this issue of Spirit of Ananda we bring together interesting inputs from our experts for brides-to-be. A holistic cleanse at Ananda provides that perfect glowing exterior and comes highly recommend as a pre-bridal program exclusively for the bride or as a luxurious spacation with the bridesmaids? Ananda offers special Ladies Group Offer – to read more click here

Explore also the to-do list drawn by our Ayurveda expert that will get you that unmistakable glow on your big day. Our Yoga Guru recommends asanas to help you ward off the stress and anxiety as you approach the most special day of your life.

For the most awaited wedding day, while a salon visit for those pre-bridal beauty fixes maybe standard, nothing can match a natural glow that reflects your inner beauty and holistic health. A Detox is highly recommended at this stage to cleanse the body off harmful toxins, to improve circulation and to reset your system for a perfect balance. An effective and thorough Detox program shows immediate results with increased energy levels leaving you refreshed with a glowing skin and toned body.Ananda signature Detox program integrates Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Yoga with Meditation, personal fitness, Vedanta and a ‘dosha’ based customized diet for maximum benefits. Listen to our Ayurveda expert as he explains the benefits of a Detox program here

What better than getting your friends along for an unmatched wellness experience at Ananda in the Himalayas? Explore our Ladies Group Offer here

Tips from Ayurveda expert

In an effort to look and feel their best brides try to do too much a day or two before the wedding and not enough in the two to three weeks prior. Planning ahead or setting a schedule that anticipates some of your most important health and beauty needs should begin three to four months before your wedding

3-4 Months before

• Get serious about skin care.

• Start a good cleansing, nutrition and stress-relief regimen

• Get into physical activity – walking, fitness training, swimming, running, yoga etc

1-2 Months before

• Schedule a regular series of skin treatments and facials leading up to your wedding day

• Do start regular home treatments for Hair as well skin.

• Start conditioning your hair with deep conditioning treatments every alternate day.

• Get on a detox diet. Switch on to veggies and fruits.

• Start drinking at least eight glasses of water each day to flush out toxins

• Visit Ananda for a dream detox program

Two Weeks before

• Eat right (load up on fruits and veggies for energy, and avoid salt and fats)

• Drink lots of water and keep up the exercise.

• Get your final haircut or trim. No experimenting here, just maintain your look.

• It is advisable not to try any new products prior to the wedding. It is better to keep using tried & tested products which you know suit you.

One week before

• Skin looks its best two days after a facial, so schedule the biggest skin treatment facial at least two days before your wedding-day

One day and counting

• Drink lots of water!

• Pack an emergency beauty kit

• Deep-condition your hair.

• Take a long, relaxing bath!

• And lastly, get enough beauty sleep. You’ll need it.

In addition to above, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, lots of water, regular exercise and a stress-free mind is a must for a bride to-be.

Recommended Hair Care

If you haven’t been taking care of your hair well, the time before your wedding is the perfect time to start with good hair-care habits. The key is to continue with most of these even after your wedding.

Avoid using blow-dryers as much as possible, as they strip your hair of moisture.

1. Applying warm coconut, almond or olive oil to the scalp (and not hair) and massaging very gently in circular movements for 15-20 min would help to open up the pores, dip a thick towel in hot water, remove the excess water and cover your scalp for 5 min. Wash off with a gentle shampoo. Do not keep oil on the scalp for a long time as it attracts dust, pollution and sweat making the scalp dirty.

2. Vinegar acts like a conditioner on dry hair;

Take about half a cup of vinegar and mix in 2 cups of water. Use this liquid as a conditioner after you have rinsed out the shampoo. Allow it to stay on for a few minutes and then rinse off completely with water

3. Take the contents of 3 eggs, mix in a single teaspoon of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix thoroughly to get a viscous liquid; apply this to your hair and cover the hair for about half-an-hour with a plastic cap. Wash out with a mild shampoo and water to get hair that has healthy moisture content and a lively shine.

Recommended Skin Care:1. Follow your cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin routine unfailingly. It would keep the skin clean, acne free, healthy and radiant. Use only those products that suit your skin type.

2. Exfoliate your facial skin and body at regular intervals and moisturize afterwards generously. This would remove the dead cells and dirt from your skin surface and reveal the fresh and smooth skin hidden beneath.

3. Remember to include elbows, knees and heels in your skin care routine. Clean, scrub and moisturize them as well regularly.

4. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Use sunscreen often and liberally on your face, neck, back and arms to avoid sun tan.

5. Splash water on your eyes several times a day to keep a check on puffy eyes and under eye dark circles

6. Drink lots of water to keep your skin well hydrated. It is the easiest and most natural skin care tip for your skin.


A healthy and clean diet needs to be on top of your priorities list if you want beautiful youthful skin,

Avoid – caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and processed foods.

Eat loads of vegetables & fruits as they are high in fiber,

And don’t forget hydration. Water is the best thing for beautifully dewy soft skin as it helps the body flush out toxins, hormones and such other bi-products.

Stop Eating Junk Food

Foods filled with sugar and fat is a fast ticket to weight gain, irritability, and low energy levels.

One month before the wedding, consider doing an elimination diet by cutting out gluten, refined sugars, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol.

Two weeks before the big day, try cutting the top belly-bloating foods like dairy & bakery products from your diet.

Hydrate the Right Way

Now is the time to get rid of the empty calories found in soda and alcohol.

Focus on hydrating with water, metabolism-boosting green tea, and nutrient-dense green juice.

A sample daily diet plan:

• Early Morning: 1 glass of warm water followed with few dry fruits.

• Breakfast: Milk and oats or muesli, or 1 egg with whole wheat toast, or upma / poha or daliya

• Mid Morning Snack: Fruits and lemon water, or green tea or any herbal tea

• Lunch: 2 Multi grain rotis with half a bowl of light dal or paneer / chicken or vegetables, salads and small portion of curd.

• Mid Evening Snack: Sprouts or boiled egg white,

• Dinner: Steamed or stir fry vegetables and salads Or 1 roti (multi grain) with 1 bowl of light vegetables Or any soup with small portion of chicken or fish

Yoga asanas to ease stress and anxiety before your big day

Following yoga postures and breathing exercises are effective in reducing stress and uplifting the mood-

1. Shashankasana (hare pose): Read More

Try this Indian dessert recipe with Ananda twist of health

Ricotta cheese rasmalai with coconut saffron milk
Download the receipe here

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Cameron Walker
16 October – 15 November 2015

Cameron is an intense and spiritual man, with a deep interest in alternative healing. His early interests were in massage and breath-work (rebirthing). Cranio-sacral therapy came in 2001 integrated with somato-emotional release work. The tools he uses can vary depending on what client needs.


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