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Spirit Of Ananda Feb 2016

Namaskar from Ananda in the Himalayas!

This first issue of Spirit of Ananda in 2016 focusses on leading an Active lifestyle and presents Ayurveda’s recommendation for the appropriate fitness regimen based on seasons and body type. Our Yoga expert Sandeep Agarwala shares some core asanas and pranayama to build into an active routine even for those with just 20 minutes to spare. Chef Narendra presents a signature Himalayan Granola recipe as a pre-workout energy booster.

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Dr. ChandanWith the changing seasons of nature there are corresponding effects on the doshas of the body too. Cold, dry weather for instance enhances vata; Hot humid climate increases pitta; Cold, wet weather aggravates kapha. One should be also aware of these while planning a fitness regimen.”A person doing excessive amounts of the wrong type of exercise in an inappropriate climate is like a lion that dies after vanquishing an elephant.”

Vata body type person has a predisposition towards joint and bone related issues. So the kind of activity recommended is relatively low impact which is joint stabilizing and strengthening. Vata being more hyperactive by nature has a tendency towards physically challenging activities, which may lead to injuries. Taking into account the hyperactive vata mind, include more grounding and calming activities like yoga, Pilates, tai- chi, qigong etc. During winter season vata person should stick to mild indoor activities and do enough warming up before any strengthening exercises.

Pitta body type person has a predisposition towards heat related issues like acidity or gastric, headaches, chronic skin conditions etc. So the kind of exercises recommended for pitta includes cooling water based activities like swimming, aqua aerobics etc. Excessive cardio in hot and humid climate can create dehydration, dizziness, headache, cramps and heatstroke. Pitta persons should also make sure that they stay away from mid-day sun, and hot environment activities like hot yoga.

Kapha body type person has a predisposition towards like easy weight gain, lack of energy and breathing issues. So the kind of exercise recommended include energizing and invigorating ones like jogging, boot camps, intense strength training etc. Since generally Kapha personality tends to be weak in breathing, Pranayama or breathing exercises are highly recommended.

As per Ayurveda, exercise should be always followed by oil application or dry powder massage and warm shower to balance the aggravated doshas, to release the tension in the muscles and stimulate circulation.


Introducing the new and enhanced Ananda Active program! The Ananda Active program is designed to combine personal fitness, guided outdoor treks, yoga, aqua fitness and therapeutic spa experiences to create a complete rejuvenating and strengthening experience.

With Ananda’s partnership with SUMAYA, leading fitness and wellness professionals in India and a pioneer in the fitness industry, the fitness experiences within the Active Program are now individualized, consultative and follow a goal orientated fitness approach.

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Sandeep Agarwala

Many people think that they do not have enough time for the yoga practices and they are never able to start them. In fact yoga can be started even if you take out 20 mins each day. The practices should include some simple Asanas maybe 5-6 to activate your energies just 10 mins of 2-3 pranayama and relaxation techniques to relax your mind.

Simple Asanas and Pranayama Practices for people who have busy lifestyles.

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Serving Size: 24 Preparation Time: 40 min

————- ————– ——————
375 Grams      Unsalted Butter
250 Grams      Brown Sugar
125 Milliliters      Honey
150 Grams      White Oats
100 Grams      Walnut
125 Grams      Coconut Powder
125 Grams      Sesame Seeds
125 Grams      Amaranth

Visiting Masters


05-Feb-16 to 15-Feb-16 Pilates & Movement Analysis Mareile Paley
07-Feb-16 to 28-Feb-16 Healing and Self Empowerment Roma Singh & Preeti Sethi
01-Mar-16 to 31-Mar-16 Spiritual Healing Richard Currall
01-Apr-16 to 30-Apr-16 Self Healing Ritual Leela Sylvia Isani & Frank Weckesser
01-Aug-16 to 31-Aug-16 Self Healing Ritual Leela Sylvia Isani & Frank Weckesser
01-Sep-16 to 30-Sep-16 Reiki and Intuitive Massage Jill Banwell
01-Oct-16 to 31-Oct-16 Integrative touch and Aura reading Virginie Claret
01-Oct-16 to 31-Oct-16 Buqi Healing Shiela Green
01-Nov-16 to 30-Nov-16 Cranio Sacral Therapy Cameron Walker
01-Nov-16 to 15-Nov-16 Ancient Mediation Techniques, Reiki, Reflexology Suruchi Bazaz
01-Dec-16 to 31-Dec-16 Reiki, Qi Gong, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage Toby Maguire

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