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Anna Collins, 04-Nov-17 to 25-Nov-17


Anna Collins
Advanced Practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration
Founder, The Polished Onion, London, UK.

Following a highly successful career as an Executive & Private PA to an aristocrat, and an UHNW family, both based in London, She now bring my passion and cheery disposition to the world of health and well being. Anna trained with Dr Rolf’s protégé and several other early students in the US. She continues to travel 3-5 times a year to further her education with them. She has worked with a global clientele, including a UK Prime Minister, international actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs, yoga bunnies, desk-bound hounds, many mummies, a few children and even the odd dog.

How it works

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’) is a manual therapy, designed to work cumulatively over a series of unique sessions, to give you the best alignment possible, so you can function as efficiently as possible. If your body is well aligned, energy (gravity) can flow through it freely and you will be able to move easily, with grace, and have fewer (or no) aches or pains. By working with the fascia of the whole body, rather than just the ‘sore spot’, we can achieve longer-lasting results.

Whilst most clients choose to embark on the SI-Rolfing journey due to a physical complaint, often they discover that it can have positive effects on their emotional, mental and spiritual bodies too. As we release tension in the physical tissue, the cells can also release memories of other traumas that were stored at a time of mental or emotional distress. Clients have experienced feeling lighter, more open, more confident and more grounded.




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