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Sarga Bodywork™

Jivatma, 01-Apr-17 to 30-Apr-17

About Jivatma
Born and raised in South India, Jivatma was introduced to the healing arts and Yoga by her family and surrounding community at an early age. By the age of 19 she began formal trainings in Ayurvedic massage and would move to the US to further her studies and practice as a massage therapist and instructor. Jivatma has over 10 years of bodywork experience and is trained in several massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, NMT and Hawaiian Lomilomi, but her love for foot-based bodywork has inspired her to develop Sarga Bodywork™.

Sarga Bodywork™

Sarga Bodywork™ utilizes bodyweight and gravity to deliver deep gliding and compression strokes with the bare feet.  A piece of fabric, or Sarga, fastened to the massage table, is used for stability and support. This approach offers an entirely new experience of massage for the receiver, and opens a new world of possibilities for practitioners.  A truly transformative modality, Sarga Bodywork™ can be adapted to any body type, and is as therapeutic as it is relaxing.


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