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Crystal Healing, Reiki and Intuitive Massage

Jill Banwell, 01-Sep-18 to 30-Sep-18

Jill BanwellJill Banwell
After graduating in science, Jill felt drawn towards the helping professions, to explore paths of healing and self-development. This journey has taken her into the fields of Massage, Reiki, Tarot, Crystal and Colour Healing, Yoga and Meditation.  She has been involved professionally with the healing arts for over 14 years, working internationally in North America, Asia and Europe. She takes great pleasure in gently guiding people to experience a deeper, more harmonious level of life.

Intuitive Massage Treatment with Jill
Jill uses a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai bodywork techniques to massage your whole body, including your feet, face and head. Working intuitively, Jill gives you the treatment that you need so that tensions are released.  Any specific physical issues that you have will be given special attention.  Deep relaxation soothes your body, rebalancing and re-energising, so your health and well-being is improved.

You can receive a stronger massage with deeper pressure, or a more relaxing massage with lighter pressure, according to your preference.  The treatment can be given with oil or over loose clothing, as you wish.

Reiki Healing with Jill
Jill holds a nurturing space that encourages you to deeply relax and let go while she channels healing Universal Life Force energies to you.  Receiving Reiki increases your energy, strengthening your body and giving you a secure and happy feeling. Healing energies enter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being, naturally allowing you to rebalance and re-harmonise, so you feel much more at peace in yourself.

Reiki is a popular and powerful Japanese form of energy healing.  It is not religious and there is no need to believe in anything for a treatment to be effective.

Crystal Healing

During the treatment specific healing crystals are placed on or nearby each of your chakras. The high vibrations of these precious and semi-precious gemstones help to remove blockages and open your chakras in a gentle, yet powerful, way.  Crystal Healing is especially beneficial for those experiencing any kind of stress or emotional disturbance, as the crystal energies cleanse negativity and rebalance your energetic body so you can feel more aligned, calm and peaceful.    This kind of treatment can also open your energy to spiritual experiences and creative inspirations.  While your body, mind and spirit absorbs the healing crystal vibrations Jill gives you hands-on Reiki healing to aid and encourage the integration of these high energies to benefit all levels of your being.

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